A True Story - Buyer Beware
Updated July 3, 2008

Do you think he has a patent on this product - THINK AGAIN!!! Read This. Word of advise DO NOT sign any kind of agreement with Jack!!

If you have been burnt by Rollabind or Jack Feldman, send us your stories and we will add it to this website.
This website was supposed to be for Canadians who wanted to buy the Rollabind material without dealing with the hassel of duty and broker fees. We had an agreement in principle with Rollabind in the US and issued Purchase orders totalling $9,292.89 .We wire transfered the company (Rollabind S.J. Creative Group) the total amont of the order and then the hassle started. Delay after delay and some of the order trickled in. Today it is six months later and we have only received half the order and feel that we have been royally SCREWED.

The whole thing was simple, send the money and they send product. Jack Feldman (Owner of Rollabind) took the order, and the money, and only delivered half of the goods. The excuses were about as far reaching as you can get. Currently we are taking a legal stand through litigation and attempting to get our money back. Being as he is in Florida and we are in Canada - it may prove to be hopeless.

For those customers that we had promised to get the site up and running and have a broad set of products available - we apologize. I suppose you can click on the logo (above left) and take your chances with the manufacturer as I have done, but I warn you - BUYER BEWARE. Make sure you are able to cancel the credit card receipt as you may NEVER get the product. Currently based on the steps we have taken we have cancelled the order and will only accept a return of funds. Any shipments will be refused

As Canadians we should boycott his company, his product, as well as his largest customer LEEDS. Any association with Rollabind should be discouraged as his buisness practices are unbelievable and you may NEVER get your order. In the final analysis his ( Jack Feldman's ) reasoning is unclear. It could be that he has offered LEEDS the exclusive and all of his smaller clients have been held out to dry.
PROOF - Just some of the emails between our company and Jack Feldman - Rollabind
Please note that I am unable to display the numerous telephone conversations that we had, but if you read the emails, you will get the idea of just how outrageous, his responses have been as well as the jest of the conversations we had between the emails. The relationship starts off like any other business relationship and then deteriorates to a lawsuit scenerio.
From dwk - Printer.caFrom Jack Feldman - Rollabind.com
12-01-2007 Initial Contact
12-03-2007 Sending of the Purchase Orders12-03-2007 Thanks for the Order
12-03-2007b Promise of Perform Invoice
12-05-2007a Invoices sent to A/P
12-05-2007b Ask for Phone Number of Bank
12-05-2007c Monies Deposited
12-05-2007a Asking if I received Performa Invoices
12-05-2007b Confirmation of Bank Numbers
12-05-2007c Will let me know ETA of goods.
12-07-2007 Request on latitude of Advertising
12-07-2007 Will get back to me
12-10-2007 Confirmation of changes to Sales Website
12-12-2007 Transfer of website if the relationship ends.
NOTE: Rollabind wanted some type of assurance that the Rollabind.CA website would transfer to Rollabind if at any time the relationship ended. As Rollabind has not shipped products that have been paid for, it has been determined that they have ended the relationship and the website is therefor mine until they purchase it.
12-13-2007 Information for Jack's planned visit
12-13-2007 Thanks
12-14-2007a First Request - Where is my stuff?
12-14-2007b Not understanding the long delay
12-14-2007 First Delivery Schedule
12-17-2007 Glimpse of Ontario
12-17-2007 Tracking No's for First Shipment
01-09-2008 Another request - where is my stuff
01-09-2008 Preparing order - will ship tomorrow
01-15-2008a Jack is a no show for meeting.
01-15-2008b Feb Fine. Complaint about quality control & Delivery
01-15-2008 His apologies. Feb - perhaps?
01-16-2008 Complain AGAIN!
01-16-2008 More Apologies and Promises
01-21-2008 His phone line has been disconnected
01-21-2008 They are back up.
02-20-2008 Complain Again
02-20-2008 More Apologies and Excuses.
02-25-2008 Tomorrow has COME and GONE --->
03-03-2008 1st Request for Money Back
03-03-2008 Not in Office - Will Call.
03-10-2008 Checking on Promises of Phone Conversation
03-11-2008 More Delays - Supposedly leaving tomorrow
03-19-2008 No Tracking Number yet - Where is it.
03-24-2008 No Tracking Number yet - Where is it 2nd Request.
03-25-2008 Confirmation of Phone Conversation
03-26-2008 No Follow Through
04-03-2008 Still no response - Ask for Money Back again
04-04-2008 Confirmation of Conversation
NOTE: In the phone conversation Jack promised that if the products were not delivered by the end of the following week. If he could not deliver he would return ALL monies.
04-14-2008 Compaining about Delivery AGAIN !!
04-16-2008 Request of Non-Responsiveness
04-16-2008 Apologies AGAIN. Out of Country and then in Surgery.
04-28-2008 First letter of intention for Legal Action
04-29-2008a No Response - Assume he is in Agreement
04-29-2008b Told him I think he is a Flat out Liar. Detailed what I thought of his excuses. Detailed what I thought the truth is.
04-29-2008 Apologies AGAIN. Helath Problems (But Note he is Traveling). Next week he will make Delivery
06-19-2008 Final Cancellation of orders and Request for cheque
To date have NOT gotten a response.

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